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Benefits across the Industry of Power BI

Keshava B K

Keshava B K

June 21 - 3 min read

When it comes to data visualization POWERBI tool is the best for every company. POWER BI is a leading tool in the market nowadays. It helps every company to analyze and see the trend and take decisions in the market with the help of visualizations.


Day-to-day data is getting increased in terms of GB Gigabytes. Data is nothing but information that we store. For each and everything we need information for example: If a company is selling a particular product for the past 5 years that company should have data on profit, loss, cost, orders, country, place, address, etc. all this information is nothing but the data. This data can be stored in different types of platforms SQL, Excel, Notepad, etc. But analyzing this data to increase the company’s profits is much needed. The company aims to earn profit. So POWER BI is a good tool that helps companies, organizations, or any private sector to use their data and to analyze these types of data easily and clearly with the help of visualizations. Manufacturing, marketing, insurance, sales, finance, etc. companies can use this tool.

One cannot analyze the trend in the market with data itself. That data should be in terms of the picture which can show us the profits, losses, purchases, and sales. Then we can predict future trends. Without that analyzing and predicting will be very much difficult. Just a few years before companies used to visualize in Microsoft PowerPoint and some other tools but for that they had to collate the data in excel and modify that and then they had to extract that to PowerPoint which used to take time. Because when the data started getting increased it took time to generate the visuals. This affected the company a lot.

Now it’s time for the POWER BI tool. Many companies are investing in this tool and making use of this tool as this tool can get the visuals in a fraction of a second with the help of data. This helps the company in analyzing sales, profits, etc. in faster ways.

Below are some of the companies in India which use the Power BI tool.

  • Wipro
  • Capgemini
  • Accenture
  • Dell
  • E&Y
  • Deloitte

With the help of data, companies can create different types of visualizations which help the clients to understand the trend which helps in taking decisions quickly. We can directly modify and update data in this tool itself. It is not needed to go back to another platform and modify it. This tool saves a lot of time and money. This helps the client to invest in the companies as they can give them good visuals. The major advantage of this is we can get data from different types of platforms. For example Text, Microsoft Excel, SQL, PDF, Azure, SharePoint, R Script, Python Script, Data verse, etc., and can take data directly from the website also. It is easy to connect and can access real-time information. This feature helps a lot in companies as many companies may use Excel or SQL platforms. We can easily take and can build the visuals and can create the dashboard.

This tool is affordable. Power BI Desktop is cost-free to use. To create reports and dashboards on your PC, download the software and start using it. We can update reports automated daily, monthly, etc. Also, we can create personalized dashboards it can manage huge data volumes.

Another thing is that the end client can even see the dashboard on the Mobile phone itself. This is one of the best features of power bi. End clients can view the dashboard at any time even while traveling and can analyze the trend analysis of their product in the market. This tool has been user-friendly to employees and companies.

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Keshav is a SQL and Power BI Developer. He is knowledgeable with data analysis and has insights into the CPG industry using Microsoft Excel and Power BI.