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Statistics forms the fundamental basics for predictive analytics. Be it data science or applications in machine learning, Statistical concepts are important to get the best out of your machine learning model. Most of the models we build are in fact a part of statistical learning.

This workshop is not about the how! The machines do a better job at calculations. In this workshop , we are going to delve into the why’s. Why standard deviations and correlation and non - linearity, the hypothesis testing and estimations, why are they done?. We go underneath the defining principles so that the concepts come alive and help you to apply statistical analysis like a professional in your data science journey. The link to register is given below. Don’t miss it if you are serious about a career in machine learning and data science.

Who should enroll?

  • Professionals who are working as Data Scientists , Machine Learning Engineer , Data Analysts and Related fields.
  • Researchers who rely on simulations and data in their research
  • Professionals from non-it domain looking for transitioning into machine learning , AI and Data science/Analytics
  • Students who are planning a Masters or advanced courses in Machine Learning , Data Science and related fields.


This course will be held online on Zoom / Gmeet


Very Soon!


5 Days


Learning outcome

  • Understand how statistics is fundamentally different from other areas of mathematics.
  • Achieve an edge in statistical thinking which can set you apart from your peers
  • Know the Why's of deeper concepts in Statistics
  • Understand why probability forms the basis of Statistics when estimating the future states
  • Be able to defend your observations with right statistical arguments based on statistical significance.
  • Attain a complete grasp of how statistics is applied in Data Science.
  • Get access to best material for further mastery into Advanced Statistical methods.
  • Bonus : Introduction to Machine Learning


This course is a detailed industry excellence program. If you want just theoretical lessons without practical implementation ,then this course is not for you. Instead, if you want to learn exactly how things are done in the industry and want to make a career as a machine learning engineer, then you are in the right place.

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Topics Covered

This section deals with complete mastery of statistical thinking at a beginner level. The modules taught will be more than adequate to understand the concepts in machine learning , data pre-processing and data wrangling techniques used in data science.

Introduction to Statistics

  1. How statistics is different from all other sciences
  2. hat is the fundamental thought process of a statistician and how are statistical results used in decision making.
  3. Different kinds of Statistics
  4. Descriptive Statistics
  5. Inferential Statistics
  6. Prescriptive Statistics
  1. Understanding a data experiment
  2. Population
  3. Sample
  1. Types of data and their classification
    • Numerical discrete & Numerical continuous data
    • Cardinal data
    • Ordinal data
  2. Time series data
  3. Types of graphs used to describe data
  4. Measures of central tendency: mean, median and mode
  5. Frequency Distribution Tables and Histograms
  6. Estimation Theory and Descriptive Statistics
  7. Descriptive statistics with Python Implementation
  1. Standard Deviations and how it is used as a fundamental currency to describe data
  2. Describing relationship between two variables
    • Variance,
    • Co-variance
    • Co-relation coefficient
    • Co-relation ratio
    • Cramer's Coefficient
  3. Introduction to Probability
  4. Understanding Probability Distribution function
  5. Understanding Probability Mass function
  6. The normal Distribution
  7. Outliers
  8. Percentiles
  9. Moments
  10. Central Limit Theorem
  11. Estimators and Estimates
  12. Hypothesis Testing
    • Hypothesis Tests
    • Chi-Square Test of Independence
    • Null Hypothesis and Alternative Hypothesis
    • P-Value and Constructing a Hypothesis Test
    • Tests for Independence and Homogeneity
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Bonus Topic

This course is a foundation course for Machine learning and AI. We will finish this course with an introduction to machine learning and what value it holds in shaping the future of the world.

Introducion to Machine Learning

  • How machines learn
  • Types of machine learning
  • Types of machine learning jobs and their salary packages
  • How to plan a career in Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Data science
  • Further resources, books and materials which will add value to your quest!
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students say

Certisured conducted a workshop on emerging technologies at MIT. Our students were thoroughly enlightened by the knowledge imparted. We got a very good feedback from students.

Dr C Gurudas Nayak

Professor at MIT MAHE Manipal

Mr Vijay Shanthagiri from Certisured gave a very detailed over view of how AI is used for Battery Technology . The Engagement was immersive leading to many future collaborations.

Dr Ravi Kumar Gupta

Associate Professor at Manipal University Jaipur

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Asked Question

Some of the frequently asked questions about the course are answered here


Should I know statistics before joining this course?

No, we will teach everything from scratch. Statistics is an essential part of Data science, Machine learning and AI. When we talk about Statistics, we are not referring to the concepts of statistics one learns in school. For Example , in school you learn about how to calculate standard deviation. But in this course, we will teach you to appreciate why to calculate standard deviation. Applied statistics is about understanding the Why's.


Where will the course be conducted?

We provide online as well as offline modes of training. Our live online training on the discord platform will provide you with the same learning experience you would receive in a physical classroom, without the hassle and cost of travel. You will interact with the instructor the same way you would in a physical course and receive the same course-ware, labs, and tools. Our online programs are as interactive as the physical classroom. Try our online demo class to see it for real!


Will you provide a certificate?

“Certisured” = “Certified for sure”. We believe in strong assessment and hence providing certificate for the assessment is what we look forward. We will provide two certificates namely, certificate for training and certificate of merit. We also provide a mark sheet which consists of detailed assessment of the students. Our certificate is accepted globally and many of our students are placed world-wide.


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Early bird entries will get a discount up to 25% on the standard package. Write to to know your coupon code.

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Early bird entries will get a discount up to 25% on the standard package. Write to to know your coupon code.

Bonus benefits !
  • Complete course and mentorship
  • 10 hands on projects
  • Portofolio creation
  • Resume preparation help
  • Mock Interviews and Placement assistance