Industry Excellence Program in Applied Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Created for Freshers, and Professionals seeking Transition into Data Science.



Expert mentorship for every student from leading industry experts

12 hands-on projects and 2 Major capstone-projects will be completed

Assured job assistance for all

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The present course is an industry excellence course which aims to train an individual in real applications which industry deals with. Our students are trained on such datasets for implementing their capstone projects. We encourage our students to bring their own data sets , relevant to their core domain. Our team will conducted a first-hand exploration of that data leading to production ready prediction model. The entire exercise will be conducted as a white paper for other students to follow.

This course is designed to make you a Machine learning Engineer.

  • Professionals With 1+ Years of experience in any domain (technical)
  • Students without experience, but, with keen interest in mathematics, logic and programming may apply too.


Offline as well as Online mode. Online classes will be on Discord platform.


There are options to join Weekend Batches for working professionals. Students who have more time can commit to weekday batches as well.


The course duration spans between 4 months to 6 months depending on the students commitment and assignment submission.



  • Certisured certification is an earned certificate. As a policy, our assessments are hard and the KPI's to full-fill are on par with industry standards. A student can take as much time as they want, and ask for as many explanations as they wish, but the required assignments and submissions must be submitted with industry standards set by the instructor,
  • Certisured is the India’s first Ed-Tech platform where courses and LMS are designed to include scheduled audio/video summary of lesson on the 1st, 3rd and 7th day to enable long term retention of concepts,
  • Certisured aims at creating maximum opportunities for our students, helping them to stand out from the crowd. Your success is finally our success,
  • Certisured aims to ensure that each student is skilled enough to claim a paid internship,


The course curriculum is designed such that even a novice can start from knowing nothing and achieve a fairly competitive foothold in Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning. We start with the fundamentals of Mathematics, Logic and Computation. The next phase comprises of training the student on Python Programming language. Statistics and Machine learning concepts are taught in depth. Take a look at the detailed curriculum below.

bootcamp timeline
Detailed module-wise break up of the curriculum.

Introduction to Machine Learning

  1. What is Machine learning and real world examples.
  2. Machine, it's language and evolution into AI.
  3. A short trip on evolution of mathematics and science.
  1. Introduction to python- why Python?
  2. Installing the IDE's and related libraries.
  3. Python hands on
  4. Running python scripts
  5. Data Visualization with MatplotLib & Seaborn
  6. Introduction to Numpy
  7. Introduction to Pandas
  8. Advanced Pandas - A practical approach
  1. Types of data
  2. Mean, Median , Mode using python
  3. Understanding Standard Deviation and Variance
  4. Probability Density function and Probability mass function
  5. Common data distribution, PDF, PMF, Lorenz Curves and Poisson's
  6. Percentiles and Moments.
  7. Central Limit Theorem
  8. Introduction to Descriptive and Inferential Statistics.
  9. Hands On Activity Covariance and Correlation
  10. Introduction to Probability
  11. Problems on Conditional Probability
  12. Solution Conditional Probability
  13. Baye’s Theorem
  1. Supervised vs. Unsupervised Learning, and Train/Test
  2. Linear Regression
  3. Polynomial Regression
  4. Multiple Linear Regression
  5. Logistic Regression with hands on activity
  6. Preventing Over-fitting of a Hypothesis
  7. Bayesian Methods
  8. Implementing a Spam Classifier with Naive Bayes
  9. K-Means Clustering
  10. Hands in Activity Clustering people based on income and Education
  11. Measuring the chaos in data: Entropy
  12. Decision Trees
  13. Random Forest
  14. Project: Apply Decision Trees concepts
  15. Ensemble Learning

In this module we will understand the practical problems of data science and how to ensure that we can set up the problem statement correctly. We will also learn how to clean the data and apply different techniques to process the data for best results.

  1. Data preprocessing
  2. Bias Variance Tradeoff
  3. Hands On Activity K-Fold Cross-Validation to avoid over fitting Data
  4. Cleaning and Normalization
  5. Hands On Activity Cleaning web log data
  6. Normalizing numerical data
  7. Hands On Activity Detecting outliers
  8. Feature Engineering
  1. Meditations on reference systems(Cartesian, spherical etc) and linear algebra
  2. Support Vector Machines(SVM)
  3. Project: Apply SVM concepts using Scikit
  4. Principal Component Analysis(PCA) and Dimensionality Reduction
  5. PCA example with the iris data set
  6. Data Warehousing: ETL and ELT concepts
  1. User-Based Collaborative Filtering
  2. Item-Based Collaborative Filtering
  3. Project: Finding Similar Movies
  4. Improving the Results of Movie Similarities
  5. Project: Movie Recommendations Engine
  6. Improve the recommenders results
  1. Spark and RDD
  2. Introduction to MLLib
  3. Exercise Decision Trees in Spark
  4. K-Means Clustering in Spark
  5. TF -IDF : Term frequency and Inverse
  6. Searching documents with Spark
  1. Neural Network Game
  2. Deep Learning concepts
  3. Biological Motivation of Neural Networks and Historical
  4. Deep Learning using Tensorflow on Google's tensorflow playground
  5. Tensor Flow
  6. Keras
  7. Convolution Neural Networks(CNN’s)
  8. CNN for pattern recognition in hand writing recognition
  9. Recurrent Neural Networks(RNN)
  10. Natural Language Processing
  11. Sentiment Analysis.
  1. AB Testing
  2. T-Tests and P-Values.
  3. Hands-on With T-Tests
  4. K-Means Clustering in Spark
  5. When to stop an Experiment
  6. AB Testing Summary
About Our


Vijay Shanthagiri

Analogica Software Development Pvt Ltd
Vijay Shanthagiri

Mr Vijay Shanthagiri is the Founder & CEO, of Analogica software development Private Limited, Bangalore. Vijay obtained his B-tech in Electronics and Communcation and MTech in Space Systems Engineering from MIT, Manipal.

He has worked with various DRDO division, ISRO divisions, ARMY, Navy and Air force over the past 10 years developing software for C4ISR and Spatial Temporal Information Systems.

Vijay has developed a fast feature engineering algorithm for feature extraction of time series data which is filed for patent and copyright. He has over 10 research publications related to ML and AI in prestigious Q1 journals. He collaborates with researchers and academicians across the world to develop new and improved predictions systems.

What our

students say

Certisured conducted a workshop on emerging technologies at MIT. Our students were thoroughly enlightened by the knowledge imparted. We got a very good feedback from students.

Dr C Gurudas Nayak

Professor at MIT MAHE Manipal

Mr Vijay Shanthagiri from Certisured gave a very detailed over view of how AI is used for Battery Technology . The Engagement was immersive leading to many future collaborations.

Dr Ravi Kumar Gupta

Associate Professor at Manipal University Jaipur

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Asked Question

Some of the frequently asked questions about the course are answered here


Is there a future in Machine Learning and AI?

At the moment, Artificial Intelligence is the only future. If you are not into Artificial Intelligence and want to plan a career where you don't ever want to learn AI, then it will be the biggest risk. Every field ranging from medical diagnosis to even digital marketing will be using AI to serve better solutions to clients. The sooner you start learning AI, the better it for you as this field takes time to get a grasp.


Who should apply for this course and what should be the study path?

This course is structured for those who are interested in mastering the cutting edge concepts of Artificial intelligence and machine learning. This courses is designed to create the strongest foundation in concepts of data science, machine learning and deep learning. Students and working professionals who are naturally interested in mathematical thinking and enjoy solving mathematical puzzles will succeed in this course.


Should I know programming to be excel in this course?

Machine Learning and AI is purely based on students ability to write good programs. It is important for the student to be interested in learning programming in python. Python programming will be taught in depth as a part of this course. Machine learning is not about just one subject. The assignments that students have to submit range from 12 to 15 and all of these assignments are based on programming.


Should I know statistics before joining this course?

No, we will teach everything from scratch. Statistics is an essential part of Data science, Machine learning and AI. When we talk about Statistics, we are not referring to the concepts of statistics one learns in school. For Example , in school you learn about how to calculate standard deviation. But in this course, we will teach you to appreciate why to calculate standard deviation. Applied statistics is about understanding the Why's.


Will I be building predictive models for real?

This course is all about building real-world models. As a student you will be working on 12 different kinds of data set with data of different types. We plan to cover all kinds of possible data set and data types which includes text based data, numeral data, time series data, image data, language, sentiments and a combination of all these. This course focuses on ensuring that the student as complete understanding of data science pipeline.


Do you provide Job assistance?

We provide 100% job assistance. Our program is designed in such a way that we groom you to become industry-ready with Certisured’s unique placement program. We make sure that our students are well placed and industry ready in all the aspects which includes resume preparation, video resume, linked profile optimization, portfolio creation, blogs by students, and a certification which has high value in the industry.


Do you provide online training programs?

We provide online as well as offline modes of training. Our live online training on the discord platform will provide you with the same learning experience you would receive in a physical classroom, without the hassle and cost of travel. You will interact with the instructor the same way you would in a physical course and receive the same course-ware, labs, and tools. Our online programs are as interactive as the physical classroom. Try our online demo class to see it for real!


Will you provide a certificate?

“Certisured” = “Certified for sure”. We believe in strong assessment and hence providing certificate for the assessment is what we look forward. We will provide two certificates namely, certificate for training and certificate of merit. We also provide a mark sheet which consists of detailed assessment of the students. Our certificate is accepted globally and many of our students are placed world-wide.


How do I apply for this course?

To apply for this course, you have to enroll for a free demo class (2 hours). You will be taught some fundamental concepts related to Artificial Intelligence. After the class, there will be an assessment conducted by the instructor. If you qualify in the assessment, our course coordinators will invite you to join the course. This process helps us in knowing if you are able to understand what the instructor is teaching and also if you have the technical acumen to excel in this course.


Pricing & Benefits

Benefits of Premium Package

  • Resumes and CV's are the first impression on a recruiter., We have you covered. Our courses are so thorough that you will feel like a rock star when we record your video resume. Every assignment, project and activity during the course is aimed at making the students portfolio shine.
  • Our placement team conducts mock interviews for students before the actual interviews with our hiring partners. Your recruiter is searching for you on LinkedIn and we know how to make sure they will find you.
  • Soft skills, Presentation & Communication. A special grooming class to help freshers and young students hone their communication and presentation skills by Diana Morris, Author, Film Maker & Trainer.
  • Self mastery with Neuro linguistic Programming by Nelly Caldeira, Self Mastery with certified NLP Coach and Master practitioner from California, United States.


For those students who want just the basic course without placement assistance program and premium benefits.

Starts at


Everything in Standard plus :
  • Complete course and mentorship
  • 15 hands on projects
  • Portofolio creation
  • resume preparation help


For those students who want the complete project mentor ship and all the premium benefits.

Starts at


Everything in Premium plus :
  • Video Resume & LinkedIn Optimization
  • Invitation to present seminars in our workshops
  • Softskill, presentation and communcation training
  • Training from international motivation coaches and practitioners

How To Apply ?

The entry to the course is restricted by invitation only. To get an invitation to join the course, you have to attend the free demo class. After the 2 hour class, there will be an assessment. Based on the result of the assessment score student will get a change to enroll. This helps us in knowing if the student has the right background knowledge and the Technical know-how to excel in the course.