Industry excellence, job oriented program for Data analysis using Python, SQL and Power BI. Created for Freshers, and Professionals seeking Transition into high paying Data Analyst career.



Instructor-led live classes with access to recordings of the classes

Python Programming is taught from scratch as this course is designed to be a transition from Non-IT to IT

This course covers the Data bases with SQL as the perspective in depth.

Languages and Tools covered

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The industry has amassed a considerable amount of data. For the purpose of making judgments in the future, companies either produce a lot of data or purchase data. When a company gets hold of massive amounts of data, there is a need for this data to be cleaned, processed, and prepared to be used further as an input to predictive models or Machine learning algorithms. This is when tech organizations post a job posting seeking candidates with the skills to clean, pre-process, visualize data, and derive intelligence from data.

Who should apply for this course?

  • Professionals With 1+ Years of experience in any domain (technical)
  • Students from the Non-IT domain who want to master Data Analysis
  • Students without experience but with a keen interest in logic and programming may also apply.
  • Professionals from non-it domains looking to transition into Data science/Analytics


This course will be online | offline - Class room


This course is scheduled to start from Januray 2023.


4 months of offline | online training.

Why Did We Create

This Course

There is a huge accumulation of Data in the industry. Organizations are either generating a lot of data or buying data to take future decisions.

When a company gets hold of massive amounts of data, there is a need for this data to be cleaned, processed & prepared to be used further as an input to predictive models or Machine learning algorithms.

This is when tech organizations put out a job posting seeking candidates who possess the skills to clean, pre-process, visualize data, and derive intelligence from it.



This course is a detailed industry excellence program. If you want just theoretical lessons without practical implementation, then this course is not for you. Instead, if you want to learn exactly how things are done in the industry and become a Full Stack Data Analyst, you've come to the right place.

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Topics Covered

This section deals with complete mastery of Full Stack Data Analyst, The modules taught will be more than adequate to understand the concepts of Business Intelligence, data pre-processing, and data analysis techniques used in data science.

Introduction to Programming

Module - ZERO [ For non-IT students]

  • Fundamentals of computer architecture

    • Hardware vs Software

    • Memory Management

    • Operating systems, Shell, Kernel & the ALU

  • Understanding the Binary world

  • Understanding the language of computer

    • Assemblers

    • Compilers

    • Interpreters

  • Introduction to Data Structures and their importance

  • Introduction to Algorithms.

  • Why Python is the choice for data analysts, Scientists, and Engineers

  • Data Types & structures in Python

    • Array, List, Tuple, Sets, Dictionary
  • Conditional Statements

    • If, If-else
  • Control Flow

    • Python Loops

    • Python Functions

    • Python Classes and Objects implemented

    • Hands-on Exercises and Solutions

Session - 1 Getting started

  • How statistical science is different from all other sciences
  • What is the fundamental thought process of a statistician and how are statistical results used in decision-making?
  • Where does data come from? - Events, Observation, Data & Distribution
  • Different kinds of Data and the fundamental difference.
  • Different kinds of Statistics
    • Descriptive, Inferential & Prescriptive Statistics
  • Understanding a data experiment
  • Population vs Sample
  • Measures of central tendency
  • Range, Class, and Frequency Tables
  • Variance & Standard deviation

Session 1: Introduction to Probability

  • Understanding the definition of probability
  • When to add probabilities and when to multiply probabilities
  • Data, Distribution, and Probability Density Function: Practical uses
  • The Central Limit Theorem and what it means
  • Moments
  • Covariance and Co-relation: Foundation and Interpretation
  • Numerical and Scientific Computation

    • Numpy
    • Scipy
  • Data Visualization: Descriptive Statistics

    • Matplotlib & Seaborn
  • ETL: Extract, Transform & Load

    • Pandas

    • Data-Preprocessing

    • Normalization, Standardization, Discretization

    • Custom Transforms

    • Hands-on Project

  • Introduction to Structured Query Language ( SQL )
    • Introduction to Databases
    • Difference between SQL and No-SQL databases
    • Understanding a query
  • Data Preparation
    • Downloading the data that will be used in this module
    • Understanding MS SQL Management Studio
    • Uploading data and related short-cuts
  • Importing data from different sources
    • Import JSON Data
    • Import Data from Rest APIs
    • MySQL Server
  • Using Wildcards/Regular expressions to SQL for
  • advanced filtering and pre-processed filtering
  • Comments in SQL
  • Order By
  • Data Types in SQL
  • Implicit Data Conversion in SQL
  • Using Cast() vs Convert()

Basic SQL

  • SQL Comparison Operators
  • SQL Logical Operators, SQL LIKE, SQL IN, SQL BETWEEN

Intermediate SQL

  • SQL Aggregate Functions
  • SQL Joins
  • SQL Joins Using WHERE or ON
  • SQL Joins with Comparison Operators
  • SQL Joins on Multiple Keys
  • SQL Self Joins
  • What is Power BI
  • Installing Power BI Desktop, Settling up Project
  • and Connecting to a source file.
  • Power BI Query Editor Interface Overview
  • Course Outline.

Welcome to Power BI Desktop

  • Attached Files
  • Understanding Power BI Desktop
  • Explore Data Model Interface
  • Creating Project Files, Settings, and Query Editor

Power BI Query Editor

  • Connecting Power BI Desktop, Source File and Query Editor
  • Working with Rows
  • Filters
  • Remove Blanks and Empty Rows
  • Appending Files
  • Working with Columns
  • Replace values and error
  • Format and Error Handling
  • Close, Apply and Close&Apply
  • Working with Queries (Error Queries)
  • Pivot and Unpivot the data
  • Column Split
  • What is Star Schema, Understanding it with example
  • Star Schema and our Project
  • Duplicates and Reference
  • Dimensional Table- Region
  • Remove Duplicates
  • Create Table -Enter Data Manually
  • Merge Files/Queries
  • What is Join Kind
  • Dimensional Table- Age
  • Extract and Conditional Columns
  • Fact Table
  • Mathematical Operation
  • Optimising Project Performance
  • Relationship and Graph
  • Types of Relationship: [ 1:] and [:1]
  • M Language
  • DAX Language – Data Analysis
  • Understanding DAX – Basics, Syntax, Data Types,
  • Operator and Functions
  • DAX Calendar Function
  • Basic Concept of Visuals and Report
  • Creating First Visual
  • Tooltips, Hierarchies, and Drill Mode
  • Formatting Visual and Reports
  • Data Colors, Themes, and Wallpaper
  • Slicer and Sync Slicer
  • Treemaps and Tables
  • Filters in Visuals and Reports
  • How to Stay Up-to-date in Power BI World
  • Course Roundup
  • Additional Features- Custom Visuals and many more.
  • Creating more Projects
What our

students say

My training at Certisued has really contributed towards my long-term goals of becoming a Quantitative Strategist. We were guided constantly under Vijay sir, which gave us the liberty of taking risks. My core project was based on Machine learning using stocks data and applying some advanced algorithms to it. I am recommending this to every curious enthusiast out for sure!

Mannat Soni

Computer Science Student, Punjab University

It's that not every hero wears a cape, it's that not every person can help, its that not every well educated person can teach but you as a person has taught us very well till now with some awesome techniques and without using those primitive techniques like reading out the PDFs and stuff. It was a great experience. Thank you for making this course so interactive and fun learning.


Student, Manipal Univeristy

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Machine Learning Engineer

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Asked Question

Some of the frequently asked questions about the course are answered here


Tell me what exactly data analysis is and why it is so important.

Nowadays, each company collects data, and quintessentially each company’s success is dependent on how effectively this data is utilized. Data analysis is an art that facilitates these companies to cleanse the data, transform the data and conduct data exploration to derive useful insights that would largely help companies to foresee possible future trends.


What will I learn from this course?

You will learn Jupyter IDE, Python from scratch, Statistics on Datatab, Numpy, and Pandas for Data preprocessing and data wrangling, Matplotlib, and Seaborn for effective visualization. You will learn Database management systems and how to use Structured Query Language (SQL) on MySQL. You will also learn Power BI for data preprocessing and effective visualization to draw business insights.


I do not know anything about Python programming. Can I join this course?

YES, YOU CAN. We assure you that you do not have to know anything about programming or coding. We will teach Python programming from the scratch just like how you initially learn alphabets in any general conversation languages like English. With our one-to-one mentorship and your continuous effort, you will become a fluent Python programmer


Will I be completely job ready with Full Stack Data Analyst Course?

Full Stack Data Analyst Course is designed in accordance with the current industry requirement and trends. The curriculum is set after extensive industry requirement analysis and continuous consultation with industry experts. The course will make you job ready on technical aspects through the course curriculum and also through the specialized Job Assistance Program.


Do I get job assistance for this course?

We provide 100% job assistance. Our program is designed in such a way that we groom you to become industry-ready with Certisured’s unique placement program. We make sure that our students are well placed and industry ready in all the aspects which includes resume preparation, video resume, linked profile optimization, portfolio creation, blogs by students, and a certification that has a high value in the industry.


What is the duration of the course?

The course is set out for a duration of 4 months. The course is tailored to accommodate enough time to learn the data analysis concepts and also practice extensively to become a master in data analytics using Python, Power BI, and SQL.


What kind of datasets do I get to work on?

All the datasets used for class demonstrations and provided for mini projects/Capstone projects are industry relevant exclusive real-life datasets. You will get an exposure to industry level data analysis pipeline while working on these real-life datasets.


Is this an online course or an offline course?

The course is offered in both online and offline modes. For offline classes, you will find Certisured to be one of the best and most state-of-the-art learning environments for offline classes. For online classes, we deliver the same offline-level immersive instructor-led training with the help of our unique Smart Panel.


Can you please tell me about the certificate?

A Course Completion Certificate will be awarded upon the completion of the course. A Course Excellence Certificate will be awarded upon successful completion of the course and successful completion of the mini projects and capstone projects as defined. The certificates awarded by Certisured are well recognized in the industry and have lifetime validity.


What are the payment options?

You will have the following options to make a payment.

  • One-shot payment: A special discount will be given for one-shot payments.
  • Payment on installments: You can also make the payment in 0% interest installments.

We accept payments through cash, UPI payments, debit card, and credit card.


Is there any refund policy



Pricing & Discounts

Early bird entries will get a discount of up to 15% on the standard package. A new batch starts every month 15th and any student enrolled on or before the 7th of the respective month will be eligible for the early bird offer.


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Extra benefits !
  • Complete course and mentorship
  • 5+ hands on projects
  • Assistance with Portfolio, Resume and Placement
  • Mock Interview Preparation
  • Assured placement support

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