Certisured offers Industry Accredited Ethical Hacker 1.0 Program which is designed for beginners and Working Professionals.Course features hands-on industry ready modules under the mentor-ship and guidance of renowned Cyber Security experts.



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Ethical Hacking 1.0 is the course that will drive any non-security person towards becoming a security person. The course modules will give you basic knowledge on networking, the techniques of basic hacking, the terminologies related to hacking, and what is a hacker’s perspective. The 3 months of Ethical Hacking 1.0 is a journey of complete introduction to the field of cybersecurity.

Who should take this Course

  • People with non-professional backgrounds like students, software developers, Engineers, web developers, android developers and any working professional from non-IT background with basic computer knowledge willing to change their career.
  • Professionals like System Administrators, Network Administrators or engineers, Web managers and Web Auditors and cloud engineers


This course is taught both Online and Offline mode. We have a dedicated training center in Bangalore, Jaipur and Jammu. Students can choose any location or choose our premium online platform and get certified from the comfort of their home.


This course is taught in flexible timings. For working professionals it will be a weekend batch. For students who have more time, the course will be taught on weekdays as well.


12 weeks( 3 months ) with assessments and assignments.


Learning Outcome

Once you complete the course you will be able to do the following:

  1. Key issues plaguing the information security world, incident management process, and penetration testing.
  2. Phases of hacking. - Indian IT act and laws.
  3. How to become completely anonymous over the Internet.
  4. Dark and Deep web.
  5. Information gathering methodology and countermeasures.
  6. Scanning methodology and countermeasures.
  7. Vulnerability Assessment methodology and countermeasures.
  8. Exploitation methodology and countermeasures.
  9. Basic Web application vulnerabilities
  10. Basic Android vulnerabilities
  11. Basic Database vulnerabilities and SQL injection methodologies
  12. Steganography and Steg analysis
  13. How to be a secure computer user.
  14. Professional report writing.


Ethical Hacker 1.0 covers all modules that anyone requires to understand the basics of cybersecurity. The greatest bonus of this course is that you will learn the basics of networking which is the key to understand hacking. After completing this course you will get to know each and every step of a hacker’s mindset, the basics of Nmap scanning, how to analyze vulnerabilities, and how to exploit them. Also, you will get to know what is virtualization, anonymity, different types of malware. In addition, you will get to learn steganography, the basics of web-app and android pen-testing, and also you will learn how to write a professional report.

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Introduction to Ethical Hacking

Many people have many ideas on the term "Hacking ". It's a common misinterpretation that Hacking is always illegal but it's not so. So, what is hacking! This module will cover the details on what hacking is and what all terms are related to it. It will also cover the basic methodology & the ethics that a hacker should follow.

Meaning of Hacking

  1. What is hacking?
  2. Types of hackers
  3. Designation of an ethical hacker
  1. Phases of hacking
  2. Legality and Ethics
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Indian IT Act

Everyone should obey the laws that are stated in the constitution of India. A hacker is not an exception. There are various IT laws for hackers as well and some may cost penalties and more if violated. This section covers what a hacker should do and what shouldn't and also the laws and the corresponding penal codes.

IT Laws

  1. Do's and Don'ts
  2. Punishment
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Basic Networking

Internet "The trending technology". So, what is the Internet? To understand the Internet we first need to understand what a network is. How a network works! This section deals with a brief overview of what a network is all about, how it works, and some basic terminologies related to a network.

IP addresses

  1. What are IP Addresses?
  2. Types of Addresses
  1. Mac Address
  2. DNS
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Anonymity - Hiding yourself from the net

Everyone needs some privacy where some of their data browsing are not being monitored by any unwanted source in a network. Anonymity is the condition when you can hide in a network. This module deals with the original condition to become anonymous and how it can be achieved.


  1. Anonymity - situation
  2. Becoming completely anonymous
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Gathering information and knowledge about the target machine or network infrastructure is the first step in ethical hacking. Information gathering a.k.a Reconnaissance, the first step of ethical hacking, is a collection of procedures and techniques used to gather and collect information about the target device or network system. In this module, we will learn how to perform reconnaissance on a network/system.


  1. What is footprinting?
  2. Active footprinting
  3. Passive footprinting
  1. Tools for footprinting
  2. Techniques to use footprinting tools
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Scanning and Enumeration

The reconnaissance phase is followed by the scanning and enumeration phase where the information collected from the reconnaissance phase is used to examine the target or target network further for getting specific details such as computer names, IP addresses, open ports, user accounts, running services, OS details, system architecture, vulnerabilities, etc. Here in this section, we will be learning some of the scanning tools(both GUI and CLI) and also some automated tools like Nessus and how to use them.

Scanning and enumeration introduction

  • What is Scanning and enumeration ?
  • Nmap as a scanning tool
  • Zenmap as a scanning tools

Automated scanning tools Lab : 1

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System Exploitation

Depending on the scanning phase we will move on to the exploitation phase where we will leverage the vulnerability(if present). This module will include the introduction to the Metasploit console and how to use it to exploit systems. We will be learning how windows and a Linux system can be exploited using the Metasploit console and also other approaches of exploitation.

Introduction to Metasploit

  1. What is metasploit?
  2. Exploitation approach using Metasploit
  3. Other exploitation approach

Windows Vulnerability analysis

  1. Windows Login Bypass
  2. Hacking windows : method 1
  3. Hacking windows : method 2
  1. Linux vulnerability analysis
  2. Hacking Linux machine
  1. Lab : 2
  2. Lab : 3
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Database Security

Databases are the storehouses of user lists and their credentials. We will learn here how to gather information about a database and find its existing vulnerability. Also, we will be demonstrating live SQL injection on a lab setup.

Database Details

  1. Gathering Information about the Database
  2. Finding Flaws
  1. SQL Injection live demonstration
  2. Lab: 4
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Web-Application Security

This module will cover the basics of web app security. It includes the top 10 vulnerabilities of websites listed by OWASP(Open Web Application Protection Project ). We will be covering the basics of how to use burp, also known as Burp Suite, which is a collection of tools for web application penetration testing. Also, this section will include some web-based password cracking techniques.

Introduction to webapp security

  1. OWASP top 10
  2. Burp Suite
  1. Information gathering about the website
  2. Web Based password Cracking Techniques
  3. Lab : 5
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Android Security

Here in this module, we will be knowing what android is and how android works. This will also cover some basics on how to gain access to an android device using your laptop or Desktop.

Introduction to Android

What is Android? Android Bootup process

Gaining full access of an android phone Lab : 6

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Wireless Security

The presence of WIFI is becoming more and more everywhere. But the basic Wifi security is not being implemented properly at maximum places. This creates various scenarios of attacking the Wifi security. Here in this section, we will be dealing with the various Wifi security types and how they can be vulnerable to some simple attacks.

Introduction to WIFI

  1. What is WIFI?
  2. Different WIFI Security protocols
  1. WIFI hacking process : 1
  2. WIFI hacking process : 2
  3. WIFI hacking process : 3
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Malware, Trojans and Social Engineering

You probably have heard a lot about viruses, isn't it! But have you ever wondered what a computer is and what does it comprises of? Here in this module, we will know what viruses are all about and how to create one. Also, this module will enlighten you on the modern-day scam attack called phishing and what is social engineering or human hacking.


  1. What are malwares?
  2. Virus, worms, and trojans
  3. Creating viruses
  4. Countermeasures
  1. Defining Social Engineering
  2. Phishing
  3. Social engineering methodology
  4. Spoofing
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Spying Techniques and Steganography

The term "spying" itself makes anyone excited along with a fear of getting spied upon. Here in this module, we will be covering some basic spying techniques along with data hiding using a process known as steganography.


  1. What are spywares?
  1. Steganography : The idea
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Professional Report Writing

After all the phases of reconnaissance, scanning, and exploitation we need to generate a good report to showcase our research and the findings. This section is all about the various techniques to write a good report.

Report Writing

  1. Report writing techniques
  2. Demo report
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Barnaba Daniel

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Barnaba Daniel

Barnaba Daniel is a Cyber Security Analyst with Analogica Software development PVT LTD. He also mentors young Cyber Security students with Certisured EdTech. Barnaba is highly passionate about Hacking and Cyber Security.


Asked Question

Common doubts about Ethical Hacking / Cyber Security Answered


Who should apply to which course and what should be the study path?

Basically you should start with a basic networking course and a basic Linux course but the good news is Ethical Hacker 1.0 covers up the networking as well as the basic Linux required to start a career in cyber security. However, after that we would recommend you to take up python for cybersecurity to learn the coding required and then moving on, you can decide whichever domain you want to take up.


What are the eligibility criteria to get into Ethical hacking or cybersecurity?

We believe that anyone can get into cybersecurity if he/she has passion and has an urge to learn. Possessing real-world problem-solving skills is an add-on that can make the journey of acquiring cybersecurity skills smoother. Marks or qualifications will cause no hindrance towards becoming a cybersecurity professional. Our training will make you a cybersecurity expert and it’s a guarantee from our side.


Is programming required for getting into Ethical Hacking?

Programming or coding skill is not at all required in cybersecurity or Ethical hacking, however, in the latter part of your career, you might require it but not to a professional extent. At certified, we have a course python for Ethical hacking which covers up the basic programming that is required for Ethical hacking in the latter part of your career.


Do you provide Job assistance?

We provide 100% job assistance. Our program is designed in such a way that we groom you to become industry-ready with Certisured’s unique placement program. As per the Nasscom survey, presently we need 5 lakh security professionals and we have only 50 thousand. There is an acute shortage of skilled workers in this security sector. There should not be any problem finding the top jobs if you can learn the right skills from us.


Do you provide online training programs?

We provide online as well as offline modes of training. Our live online training on the discord platform will provide you with the same learning experience you would receive in a physical classroom, without the hassle and cost of travel. You will interact with the instructor the same way you would in a physical course and receive the same courseware, labs, and tools.


Will you provide a certificate?

“Certisured” = “Certified for sure”. We believe in strong assessment and hence providing certificate for the assessment is what we look forward. We will provide two certificates namely, certificate for training and certificate of merit. We also provide a mark sheet which consists of detailed assessment of the students. Our certificate is accepted globally and many of our students are placed world-wide.


Pricing & Benefits


  • Resumes and CV's are the first impression on a recruiter., We have you covered. Our courses are so thorough that you will feel like a rock star when we record your video resume. Every assignment, project and activity during the course is aimed at making the students portfolio shine.
  • Our placement team conducts mock interviews for students before the actual interviews with our hiring partners. Your recruiter is searching for you on LinkedIn and we know how to make sure they will find you.

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