By 2025 India’s digital marketing industry is projected to be worth 500 billion rupees. India has 400 million internet users and your next potential client is somewhere on the internet. The way to approach them and get their attention is through Digital marketing. Are you up for the game ?



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Some of the tools covered in the workshop.

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Kick start your digital marketing career with this career launcher. Certisured presents a 7 –Days Workshop on Digital Marketing for absolute beginners. Master the fundamental concepts about Social media optimization, Search Engine Optimization, content marketing strategies, Info-Graphics Designing and Info-Video Designing. Learn up to 10 digital marketing tools and a bonus 6- secret tools used by digital marketers to get highest engagement and results. This is a live – instructor led workshop conducted by highly experienced professional in the industry. Get a certificate at the end of workshop.

Register early and get a free infinity action planner worth 399/- to your doorstep! Hurry up! , seats are limited.

This course is designed to get you started as a freelance digital marketer.


This workshop will be conducted Online : Gtalk/ Zoom / Discord


  • Workshop Start Date : September 17th 2021
  • Workshop End Date : September 23 rd 2021


  • Total Duration : 7 Days
  • Duration per-class : 1.5 hours
  • Timing : 7.00 PM to 8.30 PM
  • Recording availability : YES

Learning Outcome

  1. Market effectively on social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, You tube & Instagram.
  2. You will know the Do's and Don't s on each platform and when & why to post a certain kind of Infographics.
  3. You will be able to build content that your audience will share.
  4. You will understand how search engine works and what you should not do to be down ranked by the algorithms.
  5. You will get a complete grasp of search engine optimization.
  6. You will learn how to create Infographics on Canva.
  7. You will learn how to create info videos and Listicles using free platforms.
  8. Bonus: You will learn the secret tools used by digital marketers to get highly satisfying results.


The course curriculum is designed such that even a novice can start from knowing nothing and achieve a fairly competitive foothold in Digital Marketing.

bootcamp timeline
Day - 1 : Introduction to Social Media Marketing

Introduction to Digital Marketing

  1. What is Digital Marketing and what is the real future?
  2. What are the different aspects of digital marketing?
  1. Different social media platforms and what makes them different.
  2. What kind of age group and content works on different platforms.
  3. Social Media goals - eWOM
  4. Building content that audience will share
  5. Rules of engagement for social media

Content is the reflection of the authority you have on the products and services that you offer. Your future client is not behind a physical object, rather, the experience that the objects offers. The same is true about the service. This section deals with how to optimize the content you have created for absorption by the social media and search engines.

  1. What is Content
  2. Different kinds of Content and How the Search engines see them.
  3. What kind of content matters , where and why ?
  4. Introduction to Landing pages, blogs and websites- what is right for you?
  5. All about Content marketing and how it is different from Brand marketing.
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Day - 2 : Social Media Optimization

Facebook Optimization

  1. What exactly is Facebook Audience Optimization?
  2. Why it’s useful, especially for small businesses
  3. How to enable Audience Optimization for a Facebook Page
  4. How to optimize audiences for Facebook ads.

Are you looking to get discovered or discover new talents? Visit LinkedIn. Are you on the lookout for new clients, partners, or investors? Visit LinkedIn. Looking to broaden your horizons and improve your personal brand? Go to LinkedIn, as you would have predicted.

As more individuals use LinkedIn to find influencers, prospects, partners, and new talent for their businesses, your LinkedIn profile has never been more vital.

In YouTube SEO, your videos and channels are optimized so that they appear higher in search results on YouTube. A complex algorithm is used by search engines, such as YouTube, to rank videos. Improve critical KPIs like follower count, brand exposure and website traffic by optimizing for YouTube.

It's important to optimize your Instagram profile to make you stand out, but it's even more important to spread the word about your profile! In order to get the greatest results, you should utilize all of the available options.

  1. Looking for a way to make a better first impression on Instagram?
  2. How can you make your Instagram bio more personal and brand-able?
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Day - 3 : Search Engines

Welcome to World of Search Engines

  1. Meaning and Importance of Organic Search Results
  2. Understanding the SERP
  3. How Search Engine works
  4. Web Crawler / Spider
  1. Search Engine Algorithm and Major Google Algorithm Updates
  2. Ranking factors
  3. Keywords - Keyword Theory and Research
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Day - 4 : Search Engine Optimization

Keywords - Keyword Theory and Research

In this section, we'll look at a few different ways for creating keywords for your website. This crucial phase directs your potential buyer to the information that best suits his or her requirements. We'll learn about keyword theory and how understanding common web searcher behaviors may help you fine-tune your keyword list in the classes that follow. We'll also look at how you can use a range of SEO tools to undertake audience research and use that information to create buyer personas. After completing this lesson, you should be able to create a list of ideal keywords that will aid in the recognition of your website.

You understand the importance of keyword research, but getting down to the nitty-gritty of how to find the appropriate keywords can be difficult.

You must learn to combine your keywords naturally, as well as uncover your greatest, highest-opportunity keywords in the first place, in addition to selecting the correct keyword research instrument.

Keyword targeting is one of the most important components of on-page SEO, and it can help your content rank higher than it otherwise would. Great content that also ranks well yields a significant return on investment.

When people utilize keywords to find and research actual search terms that people enter into search engines, this is known as keyword research. Knowing what these actual search phrases are can assist inform content strategy and marketing strategy in general.”

Doesn't it appear to be fairly simple? Yes, it is possible. When you start to get into the many stages of the buyer's journey, things get tough. You must keep in mind that not everyone's keywords will be the same. Because your buyer personas will be at different phases of the funnel, they will be looking for different types of content. Different content necessitates the use of different keywords.

  1. Informational intent. First, there is informational intent. ...
  2. Navigational intent. The second type of search intent is called navigational intent. ...
  3. Transactional intent. The third type of search intent is transactional intent. ...
  4. Commercial investigation.

There are 9 types of keywords: short tail, longtail, short-term, long-term, product defining, customer defining, geo-targeting, and intent targeting. All of these keywords have their special strength that can multiply your SEO efforts when used in different situations.

On Page Optimization is the practice of improving your website's ranking in search engine results pages by making changes to it. On-page optimization entails improving both the content and the HTML code of a website. When done correctly, it has a significant impact on the visibility of your page in search results.

Off-page optimization is a practice that aids in the improvement of a website's rating on a search engine results page. These elements work outside of the confines of web pages. The publisher has no direct influence on these ranking variables. Off-page optimization is mostly concerned with link development for SEO purposes.

  1. Find Your Competitors' Best Performing Pages
  2. Inform Your Content Strategy Using A Keyword Gap Analysis
  3. Use Digital PR To Earn Authority Backlinks
  4. Improve Your Organic CTR Using PPC Testing
  5. Optimize For 'People Also Ask'
  6. Steal Your Competitor's Broken Backlinks
  7. Use Supporting Content To Show Topical Expertise
  8. Use Internal Links To Supercharge Page 2 Rankings
  9. Optimize Core Web Vitals
  10. Make Your PR Team's Efforts Work Harder For SEO and Turn Brand Mentions Into Links
  11. Optimize For Image Search
  12. Clean Up Toxic Links
  1. Add Your Main Keyword Early On In Your Content. ...
  2. Write Unique Titles, Descriptions and Content. ...
  3. Optimize Your Title Tag for SEO. ...
  4. Optimize Your Site's Loading Speed. ...
  5. Track Your Results With The Google Search Console. ...
  6. Optimize Images for SEO. ...
  7. Use Internal Linking. ...
  8. Publish Amazing Content.
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Day - 5 : Tutorial on Audio Engineering

Introduction to Audacity

Audacity is a basic piece of software that may be used to record interviews, podcasts, sound collages, documentaries, and music, among other things.

Audacity is a 'audio editor,' which is a sort of software that allows you to modify audio files. Audacity can therefore record and edit audio. Audacity is typically used to record sounds such as interviews or musical instruments. The program can then be used to combine and edit these sounds to create documentaries, music, and podcasts.

In comparison to many commercial audio editors, it is a pretty simple tool.

  1. How to de-noise the voice on Audacity
  2. How to make an audio into an HD version by adding base and balancing treble
  3. How to add distortion and normalize the recordings
  4. How to add background music and adjust the peaks and timing to sync with the video.
  5. How to make a stereo version out of mono-track
  6. How to export audio and related settings
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Day - 6 : Tutorial on creating powerful Info-Graphics

Introduction to Canva

Canva is a graphic design tool that is simple to use and allows you to create stunning designs rapidly.

The beauty of this tool is that it does not require any software to be installed on your computer. It's available at

You can easily build graphics that make your audience believe you have a professional graphic designer at your disposal — or that you are one yourself — if you know a few tips of the trade. Get to know some helpful hints on how to create professional-looking designs. This section is where you will create info graphics and we will correct and make adjustments to your design, so that you will know for real what a professional design looks like. This is hands-on fun activity!

Brand Kit is your one-stop shop for all things related to brand management. It facilitates the creation of a brand from the ground up or provides consistency for established brands. Your pre-set brand fonts, logos, and colors are accessible to anybody on your team, and reusable brand templates ensure that everything is visually on brand, every time and at every touchpoint.

This section will introduce you to many different layouts in canva which are designed specifically for each platforms. We will learn the importance of adhering to the dimensions set by each of the major social media platforms so that you are never forced to re-work. You will be amazed how simple Canva makes this entire process. Once again, this is going to be Hands-on and of course, fun !

You don't need to be an expert video editor to generate high-quality videos using Canva. You'll find it simple (and enjoyable) to create videos on a daily basis. With Canva's library of pre-made templates and our simple drag-and-drop tool, you can create engaging short movies in minutes.

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Day - 7 : Tutorial on creating Engaging Info-Videos

Introduction to Invideo

  1. Account creation
  2. Understanding the environment
  3. Understanding the time time line and text animation.
  1. Uploading Video
  2. Uploading Audio or Voice overs
  3. Creating Listicles using ready templates
  4. Customizing templates

Creating an Instagram reel with your own voice over which you created on day 5 using Invideo.

Let us find answers to the following questions.

  1. Where is digital marketing heading to?
  2. What is the career and future prospects for Digital Marketers?
  3. What is expected from the Industry?
  4. What is Strategic Digital Marketing?
  5. What is Data Driven Marketing?
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Sagar Jagtap

Digital Marketing & Analytics Manager, Certisured
Sagar Jagtap

Sagar Jagatap serves as Digital Marketing & Analytics Manager for Certisured. He has a Master's degree in Digital Marketing from Presidency University. Sagar executes the analytical aspects of's digital marketing strategy, including market research, targeting, direct campaigns, lead generation, and conversion. He has great practical knowledge in Search Engine Optimization , Search Engine Marketing, Data tracking, Data research . He loves simplicity and is always eager to learn. He is very approachable and is always ready to teach.

Priya Shaw

Social Media Manager, Certisured
Priya Shaw

Priya Shaw is a curious and passionate learner who is skilled in Social Media Marketing, Paid Marketing, & Designing. She has completed her graduation in Mass Communication and is working with Certisured as a Social Media Manager. Apart from digital marketing, she loves playing guitar and sketching. Till date, she has worked with many startups and has delivered 50+ successful projects. She is constant learner and a growth hacker.

Praveen Rathan

UX, UI and Graphics Designer, Certisured
Praveen Rathan

Praveen Rathan is an expert Graphics Designer with a keen sense of modern digital design. He servers as the UX , UI and Graphics Designer with Certisured. He is skilled at Figma, Adobe and Material design. Our website, is the proof of his design skills. He also contributes in media planning, video content creation & helms the responsibility of maintaining the brand color and uniformity across all platforms and across all kinds of media used by

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Hi am Nancy Randhawa, I took the digital marketing introductory workshop from Certisured. Honestly , this was a fabulous experience for me. I was looking for a quick introduction and got more than that. A lot of material was covered quickly. Malathi and Priya were of great support and taught us very well. I will take their advanced courses as well in near future.

Nancy Randhawa

Banking and Finance

I am writing this review about certisured workshop on digital marketing. The workshop was awesome and I personally gained a lot of knowledge. It was taught live. The instructors are very friendly and answers everybody's doubts. This workshop has given me practical knowledge to start a freelancing career. I suggest this workshop as a starter for all the digital marketing enthusiasts.


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Asked Questions

Some of the frequently asked questions about the course are answered here


Is there a future in digital marketing?

Absolutely. Digital Marketing is the future of marketing. Marketers keep the economy flowing. As digital marketers, you will learn skills that can take the right products to right people and help the organization and the economy to boom.


I really want to explore digital marketing but I am unable to find the motivation

We really understand your situation. A journey towards a thousand miles begins with a single step. So we urge you to keep faith in your desire and take an action.


Do I need a laptop to attend this or just a phone is enough?

This is up-to your convenience. We would say you will learn up to 80% of the lessons completely, without the laptop. However there are some lessons which is best done on a laptop.


Are 7 Days enough to learn digital marketing?

Real digital marketing is a combination of brand vision, strategy, tactics, vision and then a deep understanding of each platforms & the needs of customers. However, one has to start some where! So, we have chosen the most fundamental aspects of what makes a freelance digital marketer explaining what is important and why?


I dont think I can attend all 7 days, will there be recordings?

Yes recordings will be provided to everyone . The reason why will be come live for all 7 days is because we believe that the live classes will actually help ingrain the lessons. One off-day of missing a class is OK! However we would advice you not to rely only on recordings, otherwise, the entire learning experience will be lost!


What should I expect from this workshop?

Once you enter the workshop, you will be taught amazing concepts from the digital marketing team of certisured. Our instructors are highly experienced and experts in their own field. If you follow all the lessons and add some thought to it, you will grow second wings.



  • This workshop will be held on any of the online platform such as Gtalk, Zoom or Discord based on students convenience.
  • This entire workshop will be taught live, access to recorded sessions will be provided.
  • Those who join our community will have privilege access.
  • We keep giving many offers, and those who subscribe or register within the stipulated time will get what was promised.

Money-back Policy

  • If you are not satisfied with the content and learning, we will be pleased to refund 100% your payment.
  • If you have already received the free gifts for the payment, then there will be no refund of the payment.
  • To claim the money back, you will have to fill a form and the refund process will be initiated.

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  • Will get you ready to be a freelance digital marketer
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