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Yashaswi HS

Yashaswi HS

September 15th 2021 - -5 min read

Now that you have decided to dive into the sea of cyber security, I know you would have done your groundwork on how far cyber security is the right career, on skills and fundamentals required and on job opportunities in the sector. But here comes the big question! Are you ready enough? With 30% increase in the searches for jobs related to cyber security, the competition narrows down to those resumes with distinct attributes. Your projects related to cyber security is what is going to stand out amidst the rest. Below are 7 super exciting and amazing projects that will put you into the spotlight!


Being one of the best projects of cybersecurity, keylogger is a software that recognise the keystrokes made in a particular system and also keeps a record of all the information entered via keyboard. Advanced coders can build keylogger for virtual keyboards. I agree this won’t be a piece of cake, but it sure is a project with great potential for a remarkable resume. You can further create software to detect if there’s any keylogger present in the system, which can help detect spying.


What more can a hacker possibly ask than a compact portable hacking device, it’s every hacker’s fantasy fulfilled. This can be achieved using a simple credit card sized ARM computer- Raspberry pi. Its affordability makes it a crowd pleaser for small Linux system. A raspberry pi with Kali installed in the storage, a wi-fi adapter, and a power-bank is what you all need for setting up a portable hacking machine. After which you will have to create a bootable media and install the OS in raspberry pi storage.


The radio frequency identification (RFID) tags on credit or debit cards can be read as they are used by computers located a short distance away -- say, from a car lurking in a parking lot when you use your card at the ATM. Your project might involve identifying the kinds of materials that will block an RFID reader and designing a solution to mask your cards' RFIDs.


This is a Arduino based project that will track using the cell towers instead of the traditional tracking techniques using internet. Here we will use a GSM module and a valid sim card to tack. After completing the setup, using Arduino programming we can track the desired subject and then use digital maps to find the location.


How cool does hacking of a car, sound? This project is exactly that, were we use a hardware that can catch and transmit radio signals. The radio signals that correspond to the locking and unlocking of the car can be a vulnerability to encash. Using the hardware, we will intercept the frequency signal of locking and unlocking transmitted from the keys and use the information to interphase signals to break into the car.


For this project, you need to analyze how a hacker can steal information from a "air-gapped" computer that is not connected to the internet through a smartphone and its accessibility.


One of the most interesting subjects to work on, in computer security ventures, is packet sniffing. It is often referred to as 'Network Research.'. Here, we keep track of all the outgoing and incoming data packets on a specific network, we analyze the internet traffic. If you are taking the course from a training institute, you will be allowed to do so or else taking permission from the concerned authorities. Packet Sniffing being a versatile idea, you can work on the following projects: • Building a tool to detect any packet sniffing in your network. • Building a network analyser to monitor all the packets and submit their detailed reports to the authorities. Tools such as Windump, tcpdump and Wireshark will help you greatly.

Now, with these individualist project ideas put your thinking caps on and level up your profile.

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