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A Course that teaches you how to make good decision in business backed by data

Assured mastery in Microsoft Power BI and its application in various field of real time world

Instructor-led live classes with access to recordings of the classes

Languages and Tools covered

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Microsoft Power BI is a powerful tool to make powerful decisions in business depending on the data.
Learn Power BI to create impactful visuals and reports. In this course, we will teach you how to use Power BI in Business Intelligence Platform and Data analysis from basic to advance levels. This course begins with creating a project in Power BI Desktop, connecting the project to a different source file, and taking your project's local machine to the Power BI cloud i.e Pro. Each module is designed accordingly to enhance your Power BI skills step by step. It also includes real-time projects which will help you to brush up on your skills and to pass the Power BI certification Examination.

Who should enroll?

  • Professionals who are working in the field of business analysis and business administration.
  • Researchers who rely on the data for their research.
  • Data Preparation, Data Pre-processing, Data Visualization, and Data Analysis for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Projects.


Online | Offline- Classroom


3 Months


Learning outcome

  1. Understand how Power BI is fundamentally different from all other traditional data computation tools.
  2. Achieve an edge in Microsoft Power BI which can set you apart from your peers.
  3. Attain a complete grasp of how Power BI is applied to Data.
  4. Get access to the best material for further mastery of Advanced Level Power BI.
  5. At the end of this course students will be able to analyze data from different data sources and create their own data set.
  6. Defends you from taking wrong decisions in the business, backed by the data, by getting insights into the data.


This course is a detailed industry excellence program. If you want just theoretical lessons without practical implementation, then this course is not for you. Instead, if you want to learn exactly how things are done in the industry and want to make a career in Business Intelligence, then you are in the right place.

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Topics Covered

This section deals with complete mastery of Power BI thinking at a beginner level. The modules taught will be more than adequate to understand the concepts of Business Intelligence, data pre-processing, and data analysis techniques used in data science.

Module - 1

Introduction to Power BI

  • What is Power BI?
  • Installing Power BI Desktop, Settling up projects and Connecting to the source file.
  • Power BI Query Editor Interface overview
  • Course Outline.

Welcome to Power BI Desktop

  • Attached Files
  • Understanding Power BI Desktop
  • Explore Data Model Interface
  • Creating Project File, Settings, and Query Editor

Power BI Query Editor

  • Connecting Power BI Desktop, Source File and Query Editor
  • Working with Rows
  • Filters
  • Remove Blanks and Empty Rows
  • Appending Files
  • Working with Columns
  • Replace values and error
  • Format and Error Handling
  • Close, Apply and Close&Apply
  • Working with Queries (Error Queries)
  • Pivot and Unpivot the data
  • Column Split

Star Schema and its Implementation

  • What is Star Schema, Understanding it with example
  • Star Schema and our Project.
  • Duplicates and Reference
  • Dimensional Table- Region
  • Remove Duplicates
  • Create Table -Enter Data Manually
  • Merge Files/Queries
  • What is Join Kind
  • Dimensional Table- Age
  • Extract and Conditional Columns
  • Fact Table
  • Mathematical Operation
  • Optimizing Project Performance

Data and Relationships

  • Relationship and Graph
  • Types of Relationship: [ 1:] and [:1]
  • M Language
  • DAX Language – Data Analysis
  • Understanding DAX – Basics, Syntax, Data Types, Operator, and Functions
  • DAX Calendar Function

Visuals in Power BI

  • Basic Concept of Visuals and Report
  • Creating First Visual
  • Tooltips, Hierarchies, and Drill Mode
  • Formatting Visual and Reports
  • Data Colors, Themes, and Wallpaper
  • Slicer and Sync Slicer
  • Tree maps and Tables
  • Filters in Visuals and Reports
bootcamp timeline
Bonus Topic

Creative Graphs

About Our



Analogica Software Development Pvt. Ltd

Vikas is a data enthusiast and a passionate exponent of Business Intelligence and Power BI. He is a certified Machine Learning Engineer with experience in the practical implementation of machine learning pipelines. He combines his knowledge of Data Analytics & Power BI to create strategic visualization schemes for Power BI.

Vikas presently exploring the vast field of Data Science and Business Intelligence. Having had considerable experience on ML and AI projects, he finds it exciting to use Power BI for the dashboard and visualization of complex data. Also, mentor students on Business Intelligence certification in association with Certisured.


Asked Question

Some of the frequently asked questions about the course are answered here


Where will the course be conducted?

We provide online as well as offline modes of training. Our live online training on the discord platform will provide you with the same learning experience you would receive in a physical classroom, without the hassle and cost of travel. You will interact with the instructor the same way you would in a physical course and receive the same courseware, labs, and tools. Our online programs are as interactive as the physical classroom. Try our online demo class to see it for real!


Will you provide a certificate?

“Certisured” = “Certified for sure”. We believe in strong assessment and hence providing a certificate for the assessment is what we look forward to. We will provide two certificates namely, a certificate for training and a certificate of merit. We also provide a mark sheet that consists of a detailed assessment of the students. Our certificate is accepted globally and many of our students are placed worldwide.


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Bonus benefits !
  • Complete course and mentorship
  • 10 hands on projects
  • Portofolio creation
  • Resume preparation help
  • Mock Interviews and Placement assistance