Statistics is soon becoming a must have skillset for Data Analytics Executives. The modern off-the-shelf tools provides tremendous flexibility to perform statistical analysis with a few clicks. However, the issue is not about how fast you can calculate... the real issue is "do you know what to calculate and when to calculate?" Further, when a statitical analysis suite generates a detail statistical report, it is important to know the meaning and interpretation of those numbers. In this workshop , we bring the best international tools and an intutive curricullum to pave a strong foundation for statistical data analytics and business intelligence.



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This executive development program is a carefully crafted program with a powerful result oriented schema. This program is co-created by Manipal University Jaipur,, & Analogica Technologies.

This program is suitable for every researcher/student who wishes to make a career in data science or related field. This program teaches Statistical thinking from scratch. Statistics , which is an important subject for Machine Learning and Data science will be taught with creative methods so that you will know how to use the concepts in a hands-on manner. If you follow the lessons carefully, you will have the strongest foundation for your future career in Data Analytics, Business Intelligence, Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.


Online : Google meet


2nd - 6th May 2022


5 Days : 90 mins a Day


Will You Learn

After completing this boot-camp you will be able to

  1. Understand how statistics is fundamentally different from other areas of mathematics.
  2. Achieve an edge in statistical thinking which can set you apart from your peers.
  3. Know the Why's of deeper concepts in Statistics.
  4. Understand why probability forms the basis of Statistics when estimating the future states.
  5. Be able to defend your observations with right statistical arguments based on statistical significance.
  6. Attain a complete grasp of how statistics is applied in Data Science.
  7. Get access to best material for further mastery into Advanced Statistical methods.


This program is the doorway to understanding Descriptive & Inferential statistics for Data Science, Machine Learning and Data Analysis professionals.

bootcamp timeline
5 Days Curriculum Break-Down

Day 1 : Introduction to Statistics

Session : 1 Let us start from the beginning - Literally the beginning

Once upon a time- A journey through life, thought , mathematics and automation.

Session - 2 Getting started

  1. How statistics is different from all other sciences
  2. What is the fundamental thought process of a statistician and how are statistical results used in decision making.
  3. Where does data come from? - Events , Observation, Data & Distribution
  4. Different kinds of Data and the fundamental difference.
  5. Different kinds of Statistics
    1. Descriptive Statistics - Understanding what the data is trying to tell you.
    2. Inferential Statistics - Making a guess about the data or the phenomenon which created the data
    3. Prescriptive Statistics - Can we predict what can happen next : A Gentle Introduction to Linear Regression.
  6. Understanding a data experiment
  7. Population vs Sample
  8. Basic statistics with practical meaning
    1. Measures of central tendency: mean, median and mode
    2. Range, Class and Frequency Tables
    3. Variance & Standard deviation

Session 1 : Introduction to Probability

  1. Understanding the definition of probability
  2. When to add probabilities and when to multiply probabilities
  3. Data, Distribution and Probability Density Function: Practical uses
  4. The Central Limit Theorem and what it means
  5. Moments
  6. Covariance and Co-relation : Foundation and Interpretation

Session 2 : Conditional Probability & Bayesian Analysis

  1. Intuitive understanding of Conditional Probability
  2. Understanding Naive Bayes Probability theorem
  3. Application of Naive Bayes in Drug testing
  4. Hands-on Application of Bayesian analysis in spam filtering.

Session : 1 Fundamentals

  1. Normalization & why it's done
  2. Standard Score & and how it helps
  3. Deviation Scores
  4. Understanding the Deviation Score with an Example

Session : 2 Hypothesis Testing

  1. What is a Hypothesis?
  2. What are Null and Alternative hypothesis - Examples
  3. Calculating the P-Value & Significance Level Alpha
  4. T-Tests(one sample, two samples)
  5. The Chi-Square Test of Independence
  6. Test of Independence and Tests of Homogeneity
  7. Conclusion , Exercises and Solutions

DATAtab is a WebApp for statistical analysis which is quickly capturing the market with its simple yet powerful statistical modules. Tens of thousands of people across the world are using DATAtab for their analytical needs. We will learn how to use datatab in this section. The best part about this workshop is that each one will get a one month subscription of DATAtab to practice and understand.

Session 1 : Introduction to DATAtab

  1. Importing your data
  2. Data pre-processing
  3. Defining the NULL, NAN, and NV
  4. Color Setting
  5. Defining the Variables
  6. Data Labelling and Encoding in DATAtab

Session 2 : Basic visualization using DATAtab

  1. Box plot
  2. Bar chart
  3. Histogram
  4. Scatter plot
  5. Line chart
  6. Bland-Altman plot
  7. Pareto chart

Session 2 : Advanced computation

  1. Correlation
  2. Hypothesis Testing
  3. t-Test
  4. Mann-Whitney U-Test
  5. Chi-Square Test

PowerBI is the new buzzword in the market. Microsoft's powerful business intelligence tool has an edge when it comes to big data analytics. We will get a peek into its powerful modules and how it can become the go-to tool for generating insights from multidimensional data.

Session 1 : Introduction to Power BI

  1. What is Power BI
  2. Installing Power BI Desktop, Settling up Project and Connecting to source file.
  3. Power BI Query Editor Interface overview
  4. Course Outline.

Session 2 : Introduction to Power BI

  1. Welcome to Power BI Desktop
  2. Attached Files
  3. Understanding Power BI Desktop
  4. Explore Data Model Interface
  5. Creating Project File , Settings and Query Editor

Session 3 : Introduction to Power BI

  1. Power BI Query Editor
  2. Connecting Power BI Desktop, Source File and Query Editor
  3. Working with Rows
  4. Filters
  5. Remove Blanks and Empty Rows
  6. Appending Files
  7. Working with Columns
  8. Replace values and error
  9. Format and Error Handling
  10. Close, Apply and Close&Apply
  11. Working with Queries (Error Queries)
  12. Pivot and Unpivot the data
  13. Column Split
About Our


Mathias Jesussek

Mathias Jesussek

Dr. JESUSSEK is the founder of DATAtab, a statistical analysis Webapp known for its ease of use and data security. He is well known in his circle as a champion of statistical analysis. His company, DATAtab has made it easy for many researchers to use statistical analysis with ease in their research efforts. DATAtab is emerging as a very popular tool among the research community. Mathias has worked as enterprize risk management professional as well as visiting faculty in the filed of Analytics and Data Science. He is passionate about making statistics a very approachable subject and his efforts are well received by the data science community.

Vijay C. Shanthagiri

Data Scientist, Analogica | Founder -
Vijay C. Shanthagiri

Mr Vijay Shanthagiri is the Founder & CEO, of Analogica software development Private Limited, Bangalore. He has worked with various divisions of DRDO , ISRO , ARMY, Navy and Air force over the past 10 years developing software for C4ISR and Spatial Temporal Information Systems. Vijay has developed a fast feature engineering algorithm for feature extraction of time series data which is filed for patent and copyright. He has numerous research publications related to ML and AI in prestigious journals. He collaborates with researchers and academicians across the world to develop new and improved predictions systems.

Shuborno Chakroborthy

Principal Investigator, Department of Science and Technology (DST)
Shuborno Chakroborthy

Mr. Shuborno Chakroborty is an Author, Reviewer & Mathematics populariser for Pearson Education, India and also an expert in Creative thinking, Psychological Data Analysis & Science communication for Mathematics. Having been trained in Mathematical modeling, Statistical analysis and Psychophysics, he is carrying out his research work as a Principal Investigator for the project, “Risk Analysis of open ended problems: A capacity building approach for school students and teachers”, funded by Department of Science and Technology (DST), National Council for Science and Technology Communication (NCSTC), Government of India and Creative Thinkers Foundation, New Delhi.

Vikas Johal

Analogica, Bangalore
Vikas Johal

Vikas is a data enthusiast and a passionate exponent of Business Intelligence and Power BI. He is a certified Machine Learning Engineer with experience in the practical implementation of machine learning pipelines. He combines his knowledge of Data Analytics & Power BI to create strategic visualization schemes for Power BI. Vikas holds a Bachelors in Electronics and Communication Engineering from MITE, Jammu. He has more than 3 years experience in Data Analysis, Internet of Things & Business Intelligence. He currently works as a junior data scientist with Analogica, Bangalore

What our

students say

My training at Certisued has really contributed towards my long-term goals of becoming a Quantitative Strategist. We were guided constantly under Vijay sir, which gave us the liberty of taking risks. My core project was based on Machine learning using stocks data and applying some advanced algorithms to it. I am recommending this to every curious enthusiast out there who is willing to work in an open minded environment with ambitious peers and best teachers to guide.

Mannat Soni

Computer Science Student, Punjab University

Here's a short review for you and your company who is constantly helping the youth to grow and learn. It's that not every hero wears a cape, it's that not every person can help, its that not every well educated person can teach but you as a person has taught us very well till now with some awesome techniques and without using those primitive techniques like reading out the PDFs and stuff. It was a great experience till now. Thank you for making this course so interactive and making it fun learning.


Student, Manipal Univeristy

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Are 5 Days enough to master the Art of Statistics?

Statistics is a very easy subject to understand when you learn how to see the subject. In 5 days, your mind will be trained to approach data with a statisticians intuition. Once this state is achieved, advanced materials will no longer seem difficult. These 5-Days will give you the context to ask the right questions and the skills to use the right techniques to describe data effectively and then draw realistic inferences to frame the next plan of action.


Is Statistics really important for Data Science?

Statistics is the science of Data. In-fact Data Science is another word for Statistics. However in Data Science, you will use scripting language to automate the process. But knowing how to automate wont make you special. Knowing how to use statistical analysis to make sense of Data is what makes you special.


Who should enrol for this program ?

Those who are learning Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics using different tools, professionals in financial markets who have to make data driven decision. Basically if your work depends on Data Analysis, you will derive immense benefit from this bootcamp.


Will I get a certificate ?

Yes, you will get an E-Certificate if you attend at least 80% of the classes.


Will there be recordings available ?

Yes, you will get access to recorded sessions through out the program.


Will this be live or recorded sessions?

This entire program will be live & instructor led classes. You will be able to clear your doubts during the Q&A sessions after the session everyday.



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